by Donna Millwood

I am hoping that you are still doing your blogging site because i need a voice BAD!

I am in pulaski on a violation of parole for technical violations.. I am in fact still considered a parolee because i am here in a program for treatment. If I were at home I would already be with my family who desperately need me. The world outside is crazy and absolutely scary. Its just as scary or worse here. We do not have the option to social distance or to do anything to protect ourselves from getting sick that we would have if we were home. There are rumors that people within a 180 days will be released. Well what about parolees who were not sentenced to a death sentence? My sentence is 9 months total and i have been locked up since december 15th but they are not counting my time until march? What about me? I need someone to work on my behalf and advocate for me and get me home. Im not the best mom i have of course made mistakes. I do however have custody of my children. I work and support them. They live in my home. They need me. I should be considered for release so that i can be with them and protect them. I am on the cusp of the 180 days and hope that i will somehow someway be brought to whomevers attention when the releasing does start. How do I get noticed by the georgia parole board? or my parole officer? I mean my parole officer has got to know the severity of this situation.. I mean if that virus does get to one single person here it will spread like a wild fire. Prisons are a breeding ground for germs. Myself or all the others like me will have no chance against the virus. I fear this so much. Is this fair? Do I deserve this? I think not and I hope that someone out there will read this and have the answers and the ability to help get me home to my family.. From one worried and desperate mom trying to get home to my family… Praying for a voice and some help!

Donna Millwood
DOC #1251990
Pulaski State Prison

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