Marvin Burrage



I am on the block doing my thing,I drive down to moms house and tell Darlene I will pick her up in the morning,I get back to the block Tammy show up feeling herself so we go to the hotel and fuck like crazy the next day I tell Tammy I got to make some runs,I pick Darlene up and we go to the mall I hand her a stack of money and told her I will be sitting here when you’re done..when she was done she hand me back what she didn’t spend,when I got back to the house everybody was out side kick in it,Tammy came over we talked while,next thing you know somebody hit Mike’s car everybody jump into there cars chasing after the car that hit Mike, I dont know how me,Tammy an Darlene ended up in the car but we was rolling,we caught up with the guy who hit Mike and he was drunk,be or we could kick his ass the police pulled up,mike didn’t have no licence so that was a lost….thee next day Gwen an Darlene got on the bus to go back to Milwaukee, a couple days later Tony told me he was going back to Milwaukee I said cool let’s go,he told me I should stay because I was making money and doing good I said Tony iam ready to go he talked me into staying,I told him if he left me I was gonna go to jail…that night it was a carnival down by moms house,me and Mike went and my sister and Tammy went,I notice some dude all over her and I ashed her who he was she said he was nobody,I told her meet me at the house,me and Mike left and went and shot some dice,about 11:pm I was done Tammy wasn’t home yet,I had the lady upstairs to open tammys door for me,me and Eddie waited on her it was about 1:in the morning when she came home,we standing in the bathroom talking and that’s when I notice her neck,she got sucker bites all over her neck an before I know it I slap the shit out of her and ask her what is that she say they was just playing around,I tell her do you think I am drum,I you want to be with someone else then leave me alone,me and ED leave,the next day I am setting in the house selling dope,Tammy send somebody to get me saying she want to ask me something,I walk over there she hit me with dude hold her down an did that to her neck,she say she didn’t fuck him,I just told her if you want to be with whoever leave me alone because I ain’t got time for the games I am trying to do something and games will get you hurt…so from that day on she told me I better be in the house everynite I was like cool,her B-Day was coming up so I brought her the whole outfit with shoes,we kicked it and then went to the hotel and did hour thing,,,before she said that me and Mike would go to Columbus on Fridays and kick it i never fucked any of the girls in columbum they was ugly and mike had fucked them all anyway so i was cool,so after she said I better be in the house everynite I stop going,my brother Tim and Mike brought motor bikes and didn’t know how to ride they crashed the bikes before they got on the highway,they was always competing with each other and I was caught in the middle,every time Mike go around to the house he would fall asleep and they would take what they can from him and I got to make them give his shit back,somebody broke in Mike house and took his car tires they was some Daytona now we was on the hunt to get them back,when we found the guy who did it he said somebody told him to do it,the next day Tim and Mike both crashed into each either on the bikes the shit was so funny,Tim got blood shooting out the top of his head and all the money he had in his pants was flying around in the air and he running around trying to get his money while blood is shooten in the air out of his head and mike laying on the ground acting like he’s dyeing, a week later I crash on the same bike showing out doing burn outs and hit two park cars,somebody called the police and I wasn’t gonna wait around,why Tim talk to the people yeh he knew them and aunt gladdis live up the street k went in her front door and out the back door I made my way to miles and it was two guys setting in the car getting drunk I told them if they got me home I would pay them,they passed me the bottle and said it would help with the pian if I drunk some,when they got me to the house I couldn’t walk so they carryed me in the house and I paid them,as I was laying there in pian my sister and Tammy walked in and seen me,they wanted to take me to the hospital,but I couldn’t move so they went and got my brother Eddie to help them move me,when I got to the hospital they say wasn’t nothing broke but they put stitched in my nee fight in the hallway,wrapped my arm up and said I would be in pain for awhile,when we got back to Tammy house,my mom was there saying I am going down to her house so she can take care of me but Tammy said no she will take care of me,all I could do was lay in the bed and not move,any movement in the house sent pain threw me that shit hurted so bad all I could do was cry and I ain’t never cryed before,ED came over the next day and check on me and laughed at me for how I crashed,I told him find me a bag,I put all my money and numbers that I been holding on to,for what I don’t know anyway I told him put of under the bed and go sell the dope if he double up on it then just bring my money back,Mike brought me some Tylenol three and that shit helped and I was able to get some sleep,the next day Tammy was cleaning the house and went under the bed and found the bag,she dumped everything out and was looking at all the numbers,then she said she was gonna call those numbers and if any one of them said they been with me she was fucking me up,well I couldn’t do shit but lay there,I knew wouldn’t none of them say they been with me cause I never was with none of them but I did talk to a couple of them on the phone.

DOC #256209

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