Why Social Distancing DOES NOT WORK in Prison, by Demale Rogers

Marion Correctional Institution in Marion Ohio opened in 1954 designed to hold 1,655 men however the prison currently operates at 150% over capacity holding 2,564 inmates.

Each dorm & cell block on average has about 110 men.In the dorms the bunks(beds) are at best 3 feet apart.At no time can we be 6 feet apart in the dorms at any time IMPOSSIBLE!

So what is the remedy?The remedy may lay in the opening paragraph. This institution is 150% OVER CAPACITY. This is due to nonviolent drug offenders,parole eligible men being denied parole or have been denied recently,men being denied early releases which has led to prison overcrowding.
Along with obvious inequality in our court rooms mass incarceration may be a topic to take serious now in this pandemic.

Incarcerated men ,woman & children in youth detention centers are at high risk for catching the virus or worst having it not knowing and bringing it home.
That is most feared I have not heard any incarcerated people being considered for testing.So how do incarcerated people stay safe?

Your brother & companion in tribulation,

Demale Rogers #462-269
P.O Box 57
Marion Ohio 43301

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