Anthony Cockroft

Seeing The Good That Could Come Out of This Time, by Anthony Cockroft

Today is Monday, April 6, 2020, which is Equality. 6) Equality is the state of equilibrium. Its the balance of ones cipher to deal with everything equal mentally and physically. When you share your Knowledge (1) thru Wisdom (2) and bring forth Understanding (3), this shows and proves your Equality (6); (1+2+3=6).

Greetings to all! First and foremost I wish that all is well due to the Covid-19 (Corona Virus) and I would like to base these words on that subject. Before getting to that, I would like to speak on my absence in the last past year. I have lost 3 close people to me, not to death itself, but due to separation. Two of them blood relative’s and the other is a big part of my heart. I’m steady pulling myself back together today. I ain’t as bad as I was yesterday, but tomorrow I’ll be doing better then I am today. With that being said, I want to encouraged everyone to start using this time for what it’s worth. We as a people, especially the African American people have a tendency to look at situations in a bad way, and never to see what good could come up out of them. There’s 2 sides to everything, so I’m gon shine like the Sun I am and point it out to the people. They asking people to stay home. So in that time of you being home, you get the chance to REBUILD your family structure. It give you the chance to RECONSTRUCT the way you think. It give you the chance to REFINE your heart. This is your chance to detox from things that don’t hold any value. That chance to be able to see another in real time and reunit with loved ones, if you really love them. It would show what your relationship foundation is build on, Sand or Rock?. Here is the chance to be honest with yourself, that way you could be honest with everybody else. Which then would give you the courage to face your past. Just making true peace with all things. This is for a MAN’S KINGDOM and a WOMAN’S PALACE to thrive here on earth after we gone into whatever after this life. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. We don’t even know if it would even come. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is hope, but today is what we truly have. So take with you that the outside world don’t matter, if the inside world isn’t right. Because what’s inside shape your outside. Your inside shapes your legacy, your existence here on earth. That goes for yourself and your household. So work on what truly matter together so our tomorrow could be filled unlike our empty yesterday. Like I say, with yourself and your household. Use this time for the greater good that lies in front of all. Don’t return right back from which you just came. Peace be with all.

Anthony Cockroft #469497
P.O. Box 120
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

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