John Rodney


Hello, my name is John Rodney, and I have been in prison for 25 years now. I was convicted of murder. I was taken to jail on 1-21-95.
I am not just my number, just like you are not some event in your life from when you were young.
I have learned from my mistakes, but I am not my mistakes.
I paint, play music, meditate, do yoga, help people. I enjoy good food, travel (once upon a time), meeting interesting people and reading books.
I just saw the parole board this year, and they gave me another five years. I don’t know if I’ll ever go home, but that doesn’t matter. I accept life as it is, and I accept what comes or goes in my life.
Prison can do many things to a person. If you let it, it can make you better. It has the ability to only make you more of what you already are.
I made a promise to myself early on when I saw what I would have to go through in here. I vowed that if I ever left prison, I would leave a better person than when I came in here.
How does a person become better when they committed the most vile violent offense… With diligence, every day, and with patience. I’ve fallen, I rise, I fall, and I will rise again. A persn will only fail if they don’t continue.
My interests are wide and varied. It is my endevor to share my point of view, uplift, and share what is good and bad about myself so that you (the public) understand I am not just my crime. Like you, I am a mixture – good, bad and everything in between.

John H. Rodney #A311-141
P. O. Box 4501
Lima, OH 45801

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