COVID-19 BEHIND BARS (PART 2), by Demale Rogers

Here in Marion correctional institution in the great state of ohio there has been 3 confirmed cases of covid-19 among the officers.However today there has been one confirmed inmate case of covid-19.This led to at least 14 men being quartined in education yes in the education department not medical for whatever reason.But how can you be quartined in prison really?
Our dorms consist of 100 plus men with our beds being 3 FEET AT BEST APART from each other.The stress level is at an all times high.Our health is at a all time high risk.With that then said what is the plan?Where is the leadership in these times?
So far prison officials have the lockdown part down to a science which is expected.However there are officers equipted now with mase pellet guns!Yes in a world wide health crisis correctional officers in marion correctional institution are armed with paintball guns with mase rounds !!!
Seems like intimidation and that is exactly what it is.I understand the need for order however I also understand there are techniques for all occasions. MILITARIZATION of officers with mase rounds paintball guns in a pandemic seems a bit much….Maybe its just me.
But when the institution is at normal operations THERE IS NEVER OFFICERS WITH MASE ROUND PAINTBALL GUNS!!So when prison can be violent in NORMAL OPERATION meaning on the recreation yard with 1,000 inmates with access to baseball bats,horseshoes, officer is normally seen with MASE ROUND PAINTBALL GUNS.But durning our’ limited movement’ and “social distanceing ” IN A PANDEMIC THE MILITARIZATION OF OFFICERS is the order of the day….Maybe its just me who thinks that part is weird…

Oh did I mention for the last week our diet has been a bag of 2 peanut butter packs and 2 jelly packs ,now 4 slices of bread from 2,and 2 milks up from 1.That’s breakfast dinner bag is 2 slices bologna,4 slices of bread,and a apple for dinner.Lunch is whatever is on the O.D.R.C menu this has been all week.
And this institution has not ran commisarry in a about a month…..Again maybe its just me who thinks these things are weird.
Your brother and companion in tribulation

Demale Rogers #462-269
P.O. BOX 57

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