by Samuel Jones

I know that everybody is focused on the c-virus right now.But first,we need to focus on the power and the goodness of God.Now as for inmates being quarantined,what good is that when you have officers coming and going?The wardens are doing a great job at protecting the inmate population.But why not have officers,nurses and maintenance staff housed on the compound?That way you can really quarantine the prison.Inmates are not the ones bringing the threat to the facility! In other words,nothing coming in and nothing going out.I would also like for everyone to keep warden McCain of the R.L.C.C. facility in your prayers.This is a time when me must all come together in prayer and worship to our heavenly Father.There is nothing God can’t do but fail.God will see us through this storm.In times like this,giving up is not an option!!I know that the God that I serve is bigger than this virus!He raised the dead,parted the red sea,in fact,He created all things!!! So I know my God can bring this storm to pass.To everyone who reads this,God bless you and know that God will see us through.Be Blessed.

Samuel Jones #350216
1630 Prison Red
Cotton port,LA.71327

Categories: COVID-19, Samuel Jones Jr.

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