Ricardo Jackson

by Ricardo Jackson

My name is Ricardo Jackson, and I am 29 years old. I’m from New Orleans, Louisiana, and I have been incarcerated now for a little over 10 1/2 years. During this timeframe, it has been of utmost importance that I find a productive way to both spend my time and relieve stress. I have always enjoyed writing. It helps me to clear my head. I write music, poetry, and even random thoughts. I feel as though writing is one of if not THE best way to tell your story. Everyone has a story, and you would be amazed at how many people’s lives could be changed just by hearing ‘YOUR STORY.’ Therefore, never be shy nor ashamed of the things you’ve been through. You could be the one to prevent someone else from going down the same path. Tell your story with pride, and always remember that no matter how each page has unraveled, you control how your story ends. It all starts with you! Keep your head up out there.

One Love,
– Pluto

My contact info is:

Ricardo Jackson #584094
1630 Prison Rd.
Cottonport, LA 71327
RLCC, Cajun 3, D-1

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  1. Crazy how you never once mentioned how you changed a whole entire family lives forever, and how you killed a 17 year old whom didn’t do the things you accused him of , you killed him for nothing.. how you ever apologize to his family?


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