Bobby Irelan

by Bobby Irelan

>>Because all of my more internal colors are intended to be shown in anything else I submit, I want to keep this more informative. I was born may22, 1985 in turlock california.. I have been locked up since the end of ’06 and have a parole eligibility date in six months, and the truth is I will likely be granted release.. I am a nonlifer, currently serving a term for in-house violence from ’10 .. crooked stuff.. but I did do it.. just a little heavy on the sentencing.. par for the course..
I have a few talents for art that keep me sane.. and a few years ago someone showed me a few chords on a guitar, and turns out I was born to be a singer songwriter, of whatever inferior degree.. um, I also have a worm in my head that has devoured books for years on end, so my heads pretty full of his crap, which is the majority scented with esoteric literature, ageless philosophies, and occult sciences– the worms into weird things, what can I say.
other than that, I am chomping at the bit to see what kind of magic I can do with Life when I finally get out from under this rock.. I am very goal oriented, even if it sounds like I am floating around.. I take lots of things seriously, more serious than most– just not my need to appear serious. I smile too much to look serious.. I have a few pictures on some fb penpal groups, if you wanted to put a face to the mess.. and I am always game for chitchat or maybe some anti-establishment noncomformists for change rallies.. heh jk kinda. I can be contacted through jpay. thanks.

Bobby Irelan
DOC #F-59719

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