Anthony Waters

A TORN FAMILY, by Anthony Waters


Ever since grandma past my broken family seems like it won’t last,
everybody blaming each other for the past,
family members won’t help nor ask,
mean mugs covered up by a smiling mask.

I rather them not tell me they love me because it mess up our recipe,
because one will show me,
instead of telling me they love me,
cause that fake love,
ain’t for me.

I pray day and night because day and night demons I fight.
its easier to repair a broken toy then a broken family,
the pain I seen amongst eachother damaged me physiologically,
I came with love and left with a knife in my heart right in my face they ripped me apart,
how they handled me made me feel like I wasn’t even family.

I wish upon a star but I drained all my pain at the bar,
pissed at my broken family I sit in my car,
pondering how love can heal these deep scars,
I just want to get back what’s ours,
tired of feeling sorrows.

I only trust in God yet life is so hard,
with faith I pray that God would surely make a way,
and save me and my family from all our sins,
so we can start over and be family again..
even though my family is broken they still mines,
they ain’t got to give me no hollar,
a hard pill to swollow I still won’t trade them in for a dollar..

peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786

Categories: Anthony Waters, family, poems

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