A Question To The Leaders, by Terry Little

How weren’t we prepared for this, after so many plagues and America(The Make America Great Again) America, wasn’t prepared for this COVID19.
Over numerous centuries diseases has ripped through many countries before this and many deaths followed because of the lack of technology, but we are now in the year 2020, we are supposed to be the country leading the way in new discoveries of medicine. Rather than taking time in discovering solutions to possible future diseases, the leaders in this country inexorably cuts OPI jobs in prisons, which is the cheapest solution to creating things like mask or anything else that could be use as prophylactic gear. Oh and don’t let me get started on the biggest error: numerous institutions prior to this pandemic had slashed funding to innumerable institutions of research and inventions and studies of solutions to juxtaposed issues as the one we now face.
The leaders of this country were so desperate to elected into offices at every level of government, they ignored this outcome, they ignored the demand that they do their Jobs.
Or is this a population scam….?

DOC #A562207

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