Virus, by Rahul Athavale

It comes from a long line of his kind, not alive but not dead. A present day monster of the Zombie varietal on Earth as far back as we can remember and still we have no cure, it’s as common as the air we breathe and can be as deadly as a bullet to the head.

Oh virus, we have come to see you in all your forms, first the common flu, sickly we become, but unless we were first sickly you won’t kill us, but you will love us, while we hate you! Our bodies ravaged and heated to ungodly temperatures while we fight your worldly assault.

We have seen your ugly [sic] in HIV, a virus. So nasty it kills with total destruction of the carriers immune system. Fortunately, it can only be transmitted through blood or sex. If we thought it was for the queens and blackas, but you have shown you are no respecter of persons. You simply ravage. All of us are one to you. You are the ultimate promoter of equality!

You have been instrumental in pointing out the disgusting of our nature. You have shown us we should care about backwater cultural practices in the middle of nowhere hellholes in the world.

We never cared that those barbarians ate raw monkey, rat or bat all in their effort for species domination and environmental contempt and destruction. We should have cared, but we never did.

The world has seen the consequences of that apathy. It now deals with the practices of backwards cultures that released a new version of you from a bat in the middle of hell. Wuhan, China.

We the apathetic technologically advanced of the West and mass producing populous of the East, deserve this new monster called Corona. We have been ravaging Mother Earth for thousands of years, and you are her equalizer. We must pay this karmic price with death on a grand scale.

If all goes well, you will be the ultimate in environmental protection, truly protecting the earth from its most invasive species.

As I sit here today, I dream a dream, an increase from your mortality rate of 2.5% to 10 %. I look at this place, His people, their nations, backwards and backwater, and wish, oh corona, you increase your potency to 10%. The planet Earth would finally see a ray of hope as darkness and death befell its most vile species.

Rahul Athavale
Elmwood Complex
DYT 259
1900 3790
701 S. Abel St.
Milpitas CA 95053

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