Covid-19 Behind Bars, by Demale Rogers

As an incarcerated man in Marion correctional institution in the great state of Ohio I was just as shocked as everyone else last night when channel 21cbs central ohio news channel announced that there had in fact been a staff member from the Marion correctional institution who tested positive for covid-19.

Shocked due to the date being the 29th However we have been under the impression by e-mail from our warden that there were in fact no confermed cases.This news obviously caused concern which led to being awaken by badged breakfast this mourning the 30th.

To which many men were passed up meaning they did not receive a bagged breakfast or only received one milk.The bag consisting of 2 slices of bread,one peanut butter pack,2 packet of jelly and a stairafoam cup of cereal.However once the inequality was expressed to the investigator He then replied “You all should be Lucky your getting this”!

In an earlier e-mail from the warden the incarcerated men were informed that we could ask nurses for mask.However upon request today the correctional officers said they had no knowledge of the warden saying that and emphatically NO to “INMATES” receiving mask!Miscommunication I guess…

In closing seeing as how incarcerated men and woman are not bringing the virus in its now obvious to me that we may not have the protection the public may think we have.If we write informal complaints …..well there is segregation or the threat of for speaking out on the safety and health concerns we have that SOME officers obviously don’t think we should have or be speaking on since they are the professionals and all, and yes we are somewhat correntined however the institution itself is not being cleaned at all nothing being sprayed down dorms have less cleaning chemicals on the weekends and when asking sergents of the units and other administration…. well again the threat of a conduct report in efforts to excerise the we got this inmate attitude is in full effect..covid-19 behind bars.
Your brother and companion in tribulation

Demale Rogers #462-269
P.O. BOX 57
Marion Ohio 43301

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