the balance of understanding your true self and knowing you have the power to overcome any and everything, by Daniel Pittman

It never seems to amaze me that a person asks for change but never works towards making those steps to archive those goals to better there lives.People that I am around use an excuse or excuses to further there failures in life.and they will debate the truth,but quickly except a lie and bring some type of true lie to pull you down,because they see the world differently for some strange reason they believe that we are all on the same level which is true to an extinct of we being humam,but its two kinds of people the ones who seeks to make there lives better an ones who complains about everything and do nothing so for those who chooses to consume a false reality and pull those around you down open your eyes the truth an balance is within you reject the true lies and archive the truth because for the ones who seeks it will archive it and the ones who rejects it will never get it.

Daniel Pittman
DOC #1091916

Categories: change, Daniel Pitman

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