Christopher Bey

Introduction Blog, by CHRISTOPHER BEY

Age :48
Custody Intake Date: 10/2004.
Release Date: Indeterminate
Contact Info. CSATF/State Prison, P.O.Box 5244, Corcoran, CA 93212
or through

‘Something about Me’
I was born in water by way of Pisces which is said to be the House of Sorrows, February 28, 1972…The Firstborn of two twins in a love gone awry…My star rose in the East from the City of Brotherly Love and now sits in the West where the Daughter of Minerva has her throne…Who I am is only partially important to the narrative of what I am as a man subdued upon this grey stone cypher called prison…A Levite by birth rite in this cosmic order, righthanded holder of Neptune pitchforked in Truth…Peace to the True and Living and all the Earths poor righteous teachers….Time has revealed that man is but a reflection of his own thinking… So here I find myself placed between the rock and the hard places which exist for me in this thought, where reality has become marred by the disillusionments of a retarded perspective, concieved within this artificial womb called life…The struggle is real in this quest to remain relevant amongst these catacombs of the lost and fallen, where the deaf, dumb, and blind exist as the walking dead, whose only inspired motion is to feed upon the flesh of the wearied bones of those suspended in animation at 32°, hunched over or on their knees, like mimicks frolicking in a broken mirror… I quench my thirst from the cup of collected tears, shed from the memories of pain in this cried song for liberty….

DOC #G34518

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