Bobby Irelan

Just Playing Along, by Bobby Irelan

I’ve actually been really busy today.. one thing to the next.. escapism.. I have this cough that is a fckn devil I swear! really only messes with me when I want to rest.. but yah, I am going to talk a little about what I’ve been up to, what’s on my mind, and then I’ll be ready for bed.. peasant puppet heh I made some real progress on the song.. cool I had a little riff thing I put together a while back sometime, I don’t recall when.. sometime within the last seven months probably, but it worked out that the vibe of this song called for a section of a more angular expression, let’s call it, and I had this thing in one of my mental/memory musical sketchbooks.. and it fit right in sweetly.. celly was blown away by how fast I put this song together, he’s like bro you started that sht yesterday, and that sounds like a real actual song already.. I said, I didn’t write it, and I pointed at a tattoo I have for my bro.. heh he just smiled and nodded.. he believes it.. so do I, of course.. ppl are way too quick to not believe things.. heh believing the sht that they shouldn’t because it is fckn harmful to their health, believing what they shouldn’t because it is worthless– and not believing what is helpful and humanly healthy.. refusing to believe, because it hasn’t been proven to them by some so-called science.. ppl see inverted crosses and pentagrams, and what? ppl see e=mc2, and what? same thing.. choosing materialistic intellectualism as the king of truth and reality is the same whether you are Anton Levay or Albert Einstein..
anyhow, idk why I went into that.. oh yah, speaking of the immediate intervention of a departed relative in something as personal as a song– well, I initially began writing it for him.. so its his either way.. all I’m saying is that it feels more like he’s writing it than me.. I’m just playing along.. I’ll take it.

Bobby Irelan
DOC #F-59719

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