Dwayne Lee

Introduction Blog, by Dwayne Lee

Nice to meet you my name is Dwayne Lee,I’m 30 years old from Houma,LA down South so of course Southern made.I’ve been incarcerated since June 4th,2008 will be released Step.8th,2028.I’ve been incarcerated since I was 18 yea tell me about it so pretty much grew up and became a man in prison.All my life I had to grow up faster than most coming from a family with no father figure but my mom.At a young age turned to the streets thinking that was the way to the top being the guys out there showed me what I thought was love but at the end of the day all they seen was another lost kid they could draw to the streets.Of course I thought it was cool to be out there with the grown folks after dark thinking that would make me a man,just didn’t know all they was doing is prepping me up for failure and prison.Next thing you know I’m here having to grow up even faster in prison which is another world.
Here’s my contact info:

Dwayne Lee #557003
1630 Prison Road
Hope D-2

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