Nathan Carter

Black Metaphor, by Nathaniel Lamont Carter Jr.


It’s been my pleasure to learn how much you weren’t aware of my loyalty.
Where I believed you were all I need to get by without confusion like a patient in critical in need of a blood transfusion.
And far too often in this position of being human, we can mention something explicit that’s deeper than love addressing the Elephant in the room with O.J’s glove.
How deep is your love? cause mine remain guaranteed-focused through any conversation that’ll never disturb me.
In the same place where blacks are enslaved and driven into self-hatred, separated from knowing we are the original creation of civilization that’ll rise against your rebuttal.
I am, humble and prolific, never weak, but in love with your image, cause of you.
I’m a genius, mastered your Revelation discovered you sex what doesn’t love us, but incarcerate us worst than what they did to our ancestors and you think that’s what I treasure?
No sympathy, they stole the globe and charged us for their existence raped the essence of our women then placed us in these petting zoo’s called commercialized prison for profit.

Check the synopsis.

Population control, a bunch of zombies walking dead without a place to call home or a language of our own with reindeers who’s quick to fold cause they lost they back bone.
Now everybody gangsta trained to kill they own kind with no sense of leadership living deaf, dumb and blind.
Even if I could rewind the first sin been committed some blackmen can’t control their emotions jeans tighter than their women.

Plus we’re killing one another worst than Judges, Prosecutors and Klan members as our black women been reaching for the hand of them Klan members.
Damn sista; you left us emotionally abandoned to build life recaptured from a faded picture.
Hypocrites and weirdo’s you’ve been seeking to be who you can’t become and hate who you really love which is us, but still your point of view I love forever as I.

Beast Mode.

Supreme in my thinking with my heart bleeding, speaking to you black women who assume I’m for another persuasion.
Even if your religion is the opposite of what I lean towards.
I’ll cherish our essence forever who you think I breath for, master me for, stand on both feet then drop to one knee for, look you in both eyes at the same time to show you who I before-or-stay away from 85% of these dudes who carry gossip like that hump upon the back of Egor.

Need I say more..

You read the Bible, I got the Quran call that our double edge sword.
If my life was on the line, you’d be the one I’d reach for.
God is in the building, right behind our pupils.
I speak with equality when speaking about you something black women really not use to, but I know blackmen who adore you, that’ll have you feel awkward, unbeautiful with a wonderful view, without you, never under no condition, should we argue and let them get in between.
Could it be that outside sources whispered in your ear like Satan did to eve, which drove a wedge in between, the loyalty they will never see, cause jealous ones still envy who you resume on your worst day.
Truth on display, cause I care about what you think, see or say for goodness sakes, that’s my mind state to never operate under blind faith or feel some type of way cause it goes against what’s written on your beautiful black face.
There’s trouble in our Genesis-me, myself and the Sun been risen looking for redemption, cause they blurred our vision, hid the truth of our existence, crippled our ambitions, then created division and ruined our intentions to obtain true independence.
Taxing us with their hands in our pockets where freedom ain’t given.
Taking advantage of our forgiveness in a land ran by people who live pretty much in a state of mind that’s unforgiven.

Listen from beginning to finish this is spoken poetry to control my own with confidence equipped with my 3rd eye open.
Psalms 17 verse 8, I been holding until your heart re-opens.
Black Metaphor, this free education is as cold as Minnesota with a hostile takeover in need of a black mental makeover to find where love went.
Possibly she’s at the embassy pledging alligience to something different to lighten the load of being disrespected, because some blackmen suffer from being neglected standing under that American flag seeking the wrong protection.
God bless you, and I’m protected by the red, the black and the green with a key sissy.

Nathaniel Lamont Carter Jr.
DOC #373-396

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