Anthony Cockroft

Introduction Blog, by Anthony Cockroft

My name is Anthony Cockroft. I’m 40 yrs young. I was born & raised in Miami, Fla. I’m 5`10 in height and 180lbs solid. I have one son. Scorpio is my sign. So I’m loyal to a fault (a friend to the end), mysterious and secretive. A lot more come with that. I am not a religious man, but a spiritual man. I do study under the Nation of Gods & Earths. I have been incarcerated for 16 yrs now. My sentence is 37 to life. I was convicted of agg murder/agg robbery/att murder/tampering with evidence. Some of those things I didn’t do. So I fight to this day for JUSTICE (Just-I-Cee). In the meanwhile I write poetry (I write the words that lies beneath). I workout, now about 11 yrs, and I continue to build on myself mentally/spirituality/physically. So whatever “chance” come about, I’ll be prepared to handle. I like wrist watches and colognes. I watch all sports. I read just about anything (Knowledge is Power). Most of all, I love to communicate, its how all is built or destroyed. I listen to all music, anything from Leaan Rimes to Halsey to lil Baby. I don’t like chocolate ice cream, raisins and people who can’t see the possibilities of tomorrow. You could reach me at ( or at the address below.

Anthony Cockroft #469-497
P.O. Box 120
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

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