I miss u, by Terrell Yarbrough

type of blog is poems

I’ve cried a thousand tears for you but none like this on this night I long for you, for your love I miss.
I’m stuck day dreaming, reminising about the glass we had. you laying next to me until I fall asleep just to keep away the bad.
I remember your visions of becoming a doctor in the E.R. only to find out when they found us in the car they couldn’t save you at the E.R.
I remember you taking me and Frankie to the park pushing us on the swing big brother making lunch for us three and you was or queen.
that truck hit us so hard mom! I even heard you scream if I knew that was your last breath I would have taking one for the team. and Frankie looked at me laying in my lap gaspin for air… bleeding from his side and face I told him “I’m here” then my own blood I started to tast. mom I hear angels crying for you and Frankie on a night like this were was the side airbags at needed in a car like this. and I ask god why couldn’t that truck just miss.
like I said mom a thousand tears for you on a night like this.

Terrell yarbrough
DOC #a396-299

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  1. Fucking dumbass nigger you’ve been in jail for like 25 years and still can’t even read. Maybe your lawyer was right- you are mentally retarded! Lmao


  2. You only care about yourself. You only cry tears when something affects you personally. You killed a young man who was going to accomplish more than you ever could have imagined. Do you cry tears when you think about that? Or do you only cry tears whenever you realize your freedom is gone?


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