Marvin Burrage


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at night I would go over his house and play video games with his sister,I knew she wanted me to fuck her,she used to wear this short shirt with them thighs hanging out,one day me and Mike was riding he meet this girl so they made plans for that night,so he said player you on your own but I got something for you,when he drove home he gave me a set of keys and told me the car was in the back,it was a brown caddie,duky brow rag,gold nose,the car was nice and if I say so myself it fit me,because I had long hair to my shoulder and I knew I was the shit,so me and Tammy looked for a motel for a week straight, but when I found the spot I put it on her ass good,I had to because that’s what I do,I want you to come back,she laid there with her legs shaking real bad I thought something was wrong..the next morning we got to the house,I parked in front she got out a went in her house,everybody was out at Tim’s house when I walked up the Tim say let me see your back and he pulled my shirt up I didn’t know what he was doing,but anyway me and ED sold dope for a little while until I told him I needed to go to mom’s house to take a bath a change,I had brought this sweat suit off this fin it was a blue Nike and it made you sweat,everything I got in Cleveland I got out the Mudd,and this came from running in a gang in Milwaukee, you are taught to do thing’s G style… I was sitting in the house selling dope about 11 at night by myself,but ED was there when this girl came over and didn’t have no money but Eddie wanted to fuck her but she was talking about he was to young and she wanted me,so I told ED go in the room and hide so I took the girl in the room turned the lights out that’s when
ED came out the closet and he fucked her,when he was done he got back in the closet,I turned the light on and she asked for some dope I gave her a 20 ,the next night me and Tammy was in the house by our self and I was making good money and that girl from last night came over and I asked her if she had my $20 and she said she didn’t owe me I told her I gave her dope last night,but I didn’t no when Eddie fucked her that’s what. it was for but I didn’t know this so I told her she wasn’t allowed around here until she paid me also I didn’t know this was Tammy cousin,anyway things was looking good,me and mike started going to dice games,it was money at those games,we went to a dice game at the omens they was shooting on a pool table and some little fat dude was housings the game and selling dice for $20 or better I gave him $30 then somebody over brought me and I thought he was supposed to give my money back and I told him he owed me and I needed mine so he gave me the dice next,I told mike roll with me the first roll was a crap and then another and I am shooting $50 a pop,so I switched my roll up to a tose and spin,I hit seven, I said shoot the $100 pass again I passed seven straight licks then fell off,yeh I killed them with side bets also,the house was a dude named HOBO he told me come by the house some times,me and mike left I said did you come up he said yeh,we went to area more dice games we cleaned up,the next day I went shopping brought me some Levi and a new pair of shoes,when I got back to the house it was a girl selling clothes so I got a pair of black leather pants a black sweater with leather around it,yeh tonight I was going out to the club,now when I left green bay my dude fonz gave me a pair of snake skin loffer,and those are the shoes I put on with my leather out fit, I put on a gold chin,diamond ring and a nice watch yeh I was the shit that night and I had my hair comded back in big waves,I hit the club by myself,I only have one drink when I am out and that’s a brandy and coke and I’m good,I got a lot of number’s,on the way home I stop off in East Cleveland on Penrose where I lived and a couples of my dudes still loved there,Eric and Ivan Norris was my brothers they hit me up for some dope and that really hurted me that they was on drugs,so I didn’t stay long,I got back to the block wasn’t nobody around so I sold a little dope its always good when ain’t nobody else around,but an hour later Mike pulled up we kicked it and sold dope all night then went to breakfast at the steakhouse, that place was packed….Mike asked me if I wanted to go up to Columbus on Friday I said yeh and we would visit some girls who lived off campus, I didn’t like none of them,but I went anyway,time was flying I ain’t even been in Cleveland a full month,but I was out every night so was Tammy,she had these kids watch her kids,they was young,ED and Mike would always fuck them,I never liked when she left her kids like that,…Tony told me we have to go to the bus station to pick Gwen and darlen I said why you didn’t say shit,he just smiled,when we picked them up Darlene was on some other shit right away,I took her to moms house I went back on the block,she didn’t want me to leave but I said I would be back,I had to see what. was going on on the block yeh Tammy heard Darlene was in town and she got on some other shit with her girl Margie,so I get back to moms house and kick it with Darlene and ask her why did she come down here and that got moms to talking crazy and all I wanted to do was get out of there,the next thing I know I hear Tammy calling my name I go to the window she say come out side I say hold on,moms telling me I am not going nowhere,so she is pissing me off,I tell Darlene I will be back,I leave we get to Tammy house she want to go out I tell her go ahead and I will be on the block when you get back……

DOC #A256209

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