Joshua Thomas

Introduction Blog, by Joshua Thomas

My name:Joshua T. Thomas
D.O.C #:562311
Race:African American
Sexual Orientaton:Straight
Expected Release Date:11-3-2030
Prison Address:R.L.C.C (Cajun-2 A-2)
1630 Prison Rd.
Cottonport LA,71327

I’m originally born and raised in L.A,The South Side of Baton Rouge.First i want to say i made a lot of mistakes,but my character today is who i really am.I’ve learned what’s most important is learning from your mistakes,correct them and move forward.I’ve also learned that you cannot measure a person by his failures,only what use he makes of them.

Throughout all my hardships i have endured over the years,i can honestly say that prison has made me a better person.I have a whole different perpective on life.I most definitely see a brighter future.

My intention of joining this website is basically because i love to correspond and interact with people who’s on the outside.I love meeting new people:sharing new ideas,thoughts,passions,and just enjoy the experience.I look forward to meeting someone who’s honest and open-minded.Someone who’s not afraid to take chances and maybe build a friendship that will last a lifetime.I don’t prefer a certain type or expect to gain anything other than friendship atm.I’m not even sure where our friendship will lead us because of the circumstances,but i will try to be the best and supportive frind i know how to be.

My hobbies are staying fit,reading,and gaining knowledge.If you’re interested and want to get to know someone who’s human like you,but chose different paths in life,just go to,set up an account and add my full name (Joshua Thomas) and my D.O.C #(562311) to it.We have access to a computer and a tablet so we’re able to email.It’s just like sending a text msg.

Take care,hopefully we’ll speak soon…..

Joshua Thomas
DOC #00562311

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