Was He right? by Terry Little

Donald Trump has constantly implied that the media is quick to dish out fake information to the public on occasions. But is it really an implication, or is it fact?
History has shown us over time how the media’s facts are seldomly distorted. We’ve witnessed this through the run of politicians campaign trails where their intentions to frighten the public into believing one candidate has the goods to diminish the rates in crime. Their mission is to spark fear in the public. The politician uses the media in turn to make it seem as though they are the best solution to mitigate the problem, this tactic is pudding and the proof is in it.
Recently an article in a local newspaper put out information that 16 confirmed cases of the Covid19 Virus were found amongst an inmate population in an Ohio Prison facility, however, this article was false. The paper did eventually back track the article a day later, but despite that it’s clear the damage would have already been done because I was recently asked if it were true, although the article was four days old.
Is Donald Trump a realist in the area of calling the media out for relaying false information? We learn things from the media, their ability to explain to us through articles of the happenings around the world has been a necessity for centuries, but now, has this system been recklessly promulgated, or are we just taking the side of a man who has commonized a repetitive accusation?

Terry Little
DOC A562207

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