True & Living God, by Travis Tucker

When I think of God what comes to my mind is a Supreme Creator,I think of thought or a supreme state of consciousness.To create something the idea has to have a beginning or starting point for the mere fact that anywhere you observe in our universe that we can detect everything living has aim and purpose.Everything that exist show’s a degree of intelligence design that not only completes and balances our universe.All living things throughout the cosmos can be traced back to a atom.This atom is a positive charged proton and negative charged electron that orbits the proton and nucleus.This was life,This is all we knew captured in this gaseous liquid state.Anything outside of life or this atom is a mystery that doesn’t imply reason,there is no such thing as nothingness.We can trace ourselves back to a atom,by way of understanding the elements and natural cycle everything is spun from.I see law and order,the law’s is gravitation,electromagnetism,nuclear strong force,and weak force that manifest itself throughout the universe that vibrate on different physical degrees we acknowledge as law’s,these law’s are responsible for maintaining order so nature can be respected,Nature to me is a natural process of mathematics that implies life!It implies order and beauty,and the harmony of creation…So where is my creator if all I see is life,all I know is nature?Every thing in the universe is subjected to law’s but man…Everything in the universe can be traced back to a atom but man…Why?Man has the ability to manipulate the natural law’s above and below,Pay very close attention…The natural order of man and woman the laws of attraction,unalike attract a alike repel.We understand life can’t be added on to with the same sex,This is also shown and proved by way of two magnet’s facing each other or two positive charged batteries will yield no spark/life…Man mind/intelligence allows him to not only govern his own thought’s, but create his own reality,homosexuality is in opposition to nature,the natural order of life.Man still does as he please,because each man is responsible for his own seeds/thoughts he sow in his universe.Man physical consist of (xy)chromosomes he’s able to tap into infinite expressions,he can attract like mind’s with feminine movements,characteristics that can manipulate the mind of a weaker type he can develop by way of engineering hormone pills by understanding the estrogen that lies within his x chromosome,Man is a divine expression I.e byproduct of himself the universe in its purest form…An atom!!!a hydrogen atom the very first atom or divine source. Hydro-means water,gen-means gas.Again you see different aspects of the same reality by way of the proton and electron,are mere principles of a feminine and masculine duality of nature that the universe expanded from.I cannot say the universe was birthed from a atom,I’m saying the universe always was the atom,and it’s expansion was a form of pregnancy,The hydrogen atom birthed the helium atom,It’s DNA is within all atom’s,Woman birth a child her DNA Xx is within every person,and every living thing even if it came through water it passed through her,this is nature pure and beautiful!!!Man manipulate law’s that no one or nothing on the planet can do,Man mastered the elements and created his own heaven or hell…Plane’s that defy gravity,The speed of jets and advanced Amtrak trains that defy friction,by understanding nature or for lack of a better term mathematics as a blueprint to show and prove he is the highest form of life in the universe…And anything in opposition is indeed a mystery and cannot be proving by science or mathematics…Who is God?What is God?And where is God?The god of the religious communities is said to be a divine force of good that created everything that’s seen and heard,and that he is a spirit that exist in a place called heaven with Angel’s etc…and that good watches over us and blesses us,and through traditional society customs we acknowledge him and thank him with all praises for being to accomplish our goals…We here in the west have embraced a theology of a god who sat out our whole life for us and that life is predestined by God.So god is responsible for our success or the good in our lives on one hand,but on the other he has no partnership or hand in failure or the evil and mischief that we create…Is success achieving one’s goal?So is it fare to say it’s not defined by good or evil,So if I praise god for making a 100,000 off illegal drug’s?The only logic here is not a good evil debate,Were actually saying that there’s a higher force out there that created a way for our success through good or bad deeds.The problem with this doctrine is so simple yet powerful…Why would God aid my success if he gave me my own mind?My own body to do the will of my own reality…I can’t even show & prove he gave me a mind,if the holy bible is correct it states I genesis that I was created in the image of God?which means I look like God,What is the image?The laws of physics calls the universe to show itself.My creator has to exist somewhere in the universe,because the universe is all there is.Nothing physical or material can come from something not physical or immaterial.So clearly through reality or logic and reason I can’t see this image physically!The images we do receive come by way of the Church,or a doctrine.Controlled thought the most hard core religious people you’ll ever meet is where?The church and military….Why?To convince someone to die for you to maintain global prosperity,What do you give them in return?A promise of a afterlife first class citizen ship,and a shield of Jesus died for your sins,so you owe him in return.The most wealthiest countries is foundated on religious sentiments and folklore’s that defy physics.So what is this image?In Timothy 3-16 it hints at it,and in john 10-34 it becomes crystal clear…This image is Consciousness,Some may call dark energy

This consciousness is infinite universes within the same mind,Atom.These universes is you and I or uni-verse,From each man produce his own family man being the center or focal point of all life around him,and that his family kids is in his image they revolve around him and sustain life by way of light in a form of knowledge,Culture,magnetism,etc…Just as all planets revolve around the sun and heeds it’s light to sustain there existence in perfect harmony with nature.If we learn anything from the universe it’s that it shows us different aspects of the same reality,repeating itself,Showing & proving what goes around comes around and that its 360° in rotation,complete within itself the same way the hydrogen and helium atom birthed the sun,the same way man and woman birthed a child as above so below.Man means mind,being a product of my own thought’s,it’s always been a divine law mind over matter,man was when time wasn’t,Supreme means most high or dominant,being means to exist.My mind is a divine source of conscious energy animated through out my flesh,In which my penal gland serves as my third eye mental.That my creative prowess ascend using the base of my spine as a seat in which this energy oscillates causing heightened stages of consciousness that allows me to see/cee,sense and feel myself in every aspect of the universe…If all elements or atoms was birthed from the hydrogen atom and hydrogen is within my brain,Then there’s no element or part of the cosmos that doesn’t exist within me!!!I identify man as god by way of mind and body,the mind willed itself through physical states of gas,liquid,solids I identify as the triple stages of darkness.This is the sciences 85% of the planet is death,dumb,and blind to.Man mirrored the Cosmo’s,the first man was black,the original man the melanin molecules combined with the sunlight made this body dominant and function like a temple.This highly complex molecule also help water the brain to solve differnt complexities and unlock mysteries in the universe.Being means to exist,The only way I know I exist is through the 5 senses I’m able to measure reality,what’s real from what’s fake.In essence the senses is all one…And that’s touch!Rather light hitting the eye’s,sound through my eardrums,etc Mathematics is a blueprint or tools to solve problems and measure reality, Man fingerprints is all over galaxies in the same form of sparrows,His head/mind is symbolic to a sun where 360° waves pattern spin on his head.Man/mind is the intelligent designer of the universe!My body is through which I show and prove I exist as god,however God is also a birthright…No one has a monopoly on what righteousness is.God is mathematics for better or worse,The Latin word for religion is religico,which means to tie,bind,or fasten….Just reviewing what took place at the counsel of nicea.And studying how the first form of Christian followers like huss,Jerome, martin Luther etc…Was hunted and killed savagely by the pope,thousands of Christian missionaries..Then the movement started getting more attention through john Wycliffe a well known Christian reformer who just had dreams of his people reading the bible in English one day,all of a sudden on the rode from Damascus Constantine has an dream that he was a born again Christian and decide to make Christianity the official state religion of the roman church…Ha ha ha…was this genuine or politics? The reality is through the ages and years of mixing and tampering with these holy book’s, the holy bible is still one of the fascinating Read’s that survive the time’s,though only 6,000 years old,the jewels are infinite secrets to the universe,Here’s 6 Key’s I will give the true master builder and give you a little light. But like Jesus put it,give a man a fish he’ll eat for a day.Teach him how to fish he’ll eat for a life time.1.)Exoteric-dark 2.)Esoteric-Cosmology,astronomy 3.)figuratively-Animals as people,etc 4.)Allegorical-walking on water,water is liking to life a mans word,Jesus stood on his word being bond being life this what he walked on.5.)historically-Abraham was first called Abram,the science is Ab-Hebrew for the house of.Ra-egyptology the sun god.Ham-was one of the sons of Noah that was the cushites/Ethiopian in origin,cush Greek for burnt faces.
6.)Literally-poetry,history,prophecy,and law’s.The holy bible is Greek for Helios biblios,Which means the sun book when you understand the story of the 4 brother’s and the 4 rivers and blood.And the fertile crescent,You’ll learn who the summerians were in origin…The bible mention Egypt and Ethiopia more then any other nation,because it was here where the Egyptians use to preserve there history through books and scrolls that can be traced back to the ancient papyrus scrolls that addressed motion and seeds…It is essentially a beam of light when understood, when not it is a cancer that destroys a child ability to reason.These types of teachings has to be taught,If I raise my son in the wilderness away from civilizations, He would have never heard of Jesus or a Muhammad…I hoped you enjoyed learning as much as I do teaching..Peace!

Travis Tucker #1091722
Nottoway correction center
P.o box 488
burkville va,23922

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