Jamar Myers

What I Need, What She Wants, by Jamar Myers

As I sit here and think, I hope and pray for the day I can hold, caress, care for, talk to, and love a woman.

I’ll show her that I am a man that can be more than just sexual pleasure. Until then I ride this bid out alone but strong. Sometimes I think and wonder, why do women in the world believe that a man on the inside can do her no good. Then I realized that THAT TYPE of woman must ONLY be looking for the physical (sex), and the material things that a man has to offer.

But what about the man’s mind? Doesn’t she realize that if she finds the right one, a man on lock down mind is worth more than gold. But he needs her to help him structure and purify what’s within him.
That man’s mind is filled with intelligence, and concepts that can become tangible empires of greatness that far exceeds the material things that only last for the moment. Because when that moment is up, the material things are gone. And sex is just sex, though its greatly needed, but connection, love, and genuine care feels better to the body and mind.

Yes, Some men look for women just to use women, but women do the same to men, I get the game. But that’s not me and I don’t play that game. I look for a women to connect, grow, and build with.

I can be the idea and she can put it into action so WE can grow, gain, and make the impossible possible.
I am a man in jail not just fighting for my freedom, I am fighting to survive.

I always hear women say “I want a real men, a man with ambition, dedication, and intelligence. A man that demands respect, and respects, loves, and cares for her. She wants a gangsta and a gentleman. A man that has conversation, and can make her laugh, and truly love her with no games. I’m all the above and more. But some how I still see undeserving guys with no real ambition or goals, with good women but he lacks care for her. I’m not hating, I’m just saying, I just don’t get it.
Again, some women say men in jail play games but so do men on the streets. All you have to do is search his character. So she must choose wisely. You must feel him out. A man with just WORDS, is just blowing hot air, he must produce as well.
But in all actuality. Is it that women really just chose and want more of the physical then they realize?

These are the words of a man in need of the sound of a woman’s voice and laugh, the beauty of her smile, and the feeling of her care.

These are my thoughts and what I feel inside.

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Jamar Myers
DOC #000830254-C

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