James Ward

Needing Help, by James Ward

Since my last blog, I am not sure of what the outcome of my story is going to be. I’m not even sure if anybody has been viewing my blogs or anything. All I know is that I really don’t have the help that I’ve been needing and looking for. And I really feel like just giving up on life, because I try to reach out to people, but only to get ignored.
I’m a political prisoner that’s dedicated to standing up and speaking out for my rights and others, but I really need someone’s assistants to help me with things that I can’t do on my own. And its stressful knowing that I really don’t have that on a daily basis. I have money on my phone to be able to call people, but it seems like nobody really cares to get in contact and see where things will lead.
What I’m trying to accomplish is a supportive network of outside people that understands the corruptness of the system that can come together and help us prisoners fight for our rights. It don’t matter if someone has no experience. We just need more help in any way that anybody can, like with social media, making phone calls to get connected with others, fundraising, etc.
As of right now, I only have 2 people I communicate with, but they have busy schedules, which is why I’m really in need of more help. But I’m looking for people that can work with others, that won’t hold judgement against what we really don’t know about.
The court system is the most corrupt system within the government and us people locked up are the most exploited by them.
Many of you out there may have loved ones or friends locked up…so why not get involved with something to help change their situation for the better.
I’m asking for people to please reach out. Anybody with any time to spare, that’s willing to help in any way – you never know what you can be a help with until you reach out.
You can email me directly on jpay.com – set up free email account and provide my info. I’m in Toledo Correctional Institution in Ohio. Or email me at jamesrawward@gmail.com.
To send me a call request, set up free account with ConnectNetwork.com and provide my info, but select “Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction”. You’ll see the option to send call request, no matter if I’m online or offline.

James Ward
DOC #a517461

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