Marvin Burrage


PAGE# 14

we waited for Darlene but she never showed until later that night,she knocked on the door,I was surprise to see her,she told me her brother didn’t get shot-they was just mad at me because I made her change and not smoke dope,so that cut there money off and they didn’t want me around no more,ain’t this a bitch they jump on me for doing the right thing,well now it was war and I was ready to go,plus she lost her place behind this drum shit,so Tony let her move in,it was cool,a week later we called our brother Tim in Cleveland and he wanted us to go down there I told him I wasn’t going,Tony wanted to go,Darlene got paid the next day we gave Tony about $700 and then we went shopping, that night my brother Tim pulled up and said we coming to Cleveland, I’m wondering how did this fool get here so fast,I told them I ain’t going because I didn’t have no money,they said I would be cool plus if I left things would of been done cooled off with Darlene brothers by the time I got back,so I left with no money in my pocket and two pairs of pants,now remember I only been out of jail for almost two months, when we got to Cleveland it looked the same when I left in 1979 ,Tim’s house was on the main Street of Union his wife stayed there and they sold dope out of there,I seen my lil’sis that I haven’t seen in years,Tim told me to sell dope for him until he got back I told him I don’t no nothing about dope,he said this is a dime,this is a 20 ,so that’s how I learned about dope that fast and I just got off the freeway, my lil sis princess WS telling me to cut the dope down and I’ll get more money but I didn’t want to fuck his stuff up so I didn’t do it and princess said me wasn’t going to pay me for selling his shit,I sat there all day and sold his shit now this was a big bottle of dope,the phone rung I answered it and some girl was telling me look down the street and see if I see her I told her no she said she will be over,so me and my brother Eddie was waiting,then these three girls show up and Eddie started sing this song baldheaded ho’s,I see some baldheaded ho’s…that shit was funny and I didn’t think that was a real song,anyway that was a girl name Tammy, her mom Abbie and her cousin,,,,Eddie said they strawberry I didn’t know what that mean,so people got to coming I started selling the dope I mean once they started coming it was none stop,I finally ran out of dope around 10:30 that night,when Timmy finally came home I gave him his money and lil sis was right he gave me $50 I started to take it all back from him,I just said you ain’t right bro,me and ED walked around to mountplesent and got something to eat,they still sold them Polish boy with the fries,sauce and everything on it and man is that shit good,me and ED sat around kicking it he told me to take the $50 and by a double up he told me what it was I said cool now remember I just got here no money and just a change of clothes so I had to get down,I had a $125 by morning, me and Tony drove down to moms house where I took a bath and changed into my only other pair of clothes,we got something to eat,found moms and talked with her for awhile,then we went back to Tims house and everybody was there kicking it,my brother David showed up,he said Craig was in Kentucky, David asked me if I had some money I told him I had $125 and was gonna buy some more dope,he said we can go half and I said cool I gave him the money he said he would be back,later ED asked me if I gave David any money I told him I gave him all my money because we was going half he told me David was a fin and he played me out of my money and if this is so the next time I see David I will fuck him up,now I had to start all over,some dude name mike kept selling on the size of the house I didn’t know him but Tim told me he didn’t want dude by his house,so I told him to move and don’t come back,he came back later so Tim sent me out there to fuck him up,I grabbed a baseball bat went out there and told him to move or it was on we started arguing and I don’t do a lot of that so I was just gonna hit him with the bat everybody grabbed me and I went back in the house and Mike left awhile later my lil sis told me mike had his dude Mario selling his dope,I told her dude been selling all day she said that’s mike shit,so I called Mario in the bathroom and asked him who’s dope he was selling and he said Mike,, I told him put all the money and dope in the sink he said Mike was gonna beat him up I said tell him you got robbed, now put everything in the sink and get out,he had about $700 and dope,it was on now,I don’t know what him and Mike worked out but he never said nothing to me,I told ED what was up he said don’t worry about it Mike a ho,Mario came back later now he want to be my friend so I watched him close,about 11 pm that night Mario took me across the street to this apartment buildings, Tammy was over there so as I was talking to her Mike walked in and I am thinking Mario set me up,well they better kill me,Mike looked at me for a minute then he said he wanted to hollar at me in his room,when I get in there I look around noticing how me had his room played out with everything,he said man I don’t have no beef with you or your brother,he said me and your brother used to be cool until he got on some other shit,every time I buy a car he buy one,when I do anything I do it he start ahit for no reason,he said man I ain’t on that shit,I said man listen I ain’t on the bullshit I don’t know why he wanted me to come to Cleveland but he ain’t did shit for me since I been here so for me I am about to get this money that’s up with me and I don’t have a problem with you from this moment, Mike said we will kick it tomorrow…… the next day me and Mike kicked it tough he was a pretty boy that nobody liked,he turned me on to how to really sell and cut the dope up,from that day on Mike was my dude and I didn’t let nobody fuck with him…

DOC #A256209

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