My Loyalty to You, by Terrell Yarbrough

type of blog poem
thinking about you was nothing new I thought about you yesterday and the day before that two
I often say your name press my lips against your lips but picture ain’t the same. I seen you the other day in my dreams I knew it wasn’t real as real as it seemed. I knew my love was true cause everyday my thoughts were stuck on you. I once had a heart that was true but it went from me to you, thought you would of took care of it like I done. you had two I had none. when I cry thought you’ll feel my pain cause or hearts would have beat the same my heart why did you break it said you’ll hold it tight and not forsake it. if I’m not with you on judgement day I’ll know you went the other way, but just to prove my love was true I would have rip off my wings and went to hell for you.

Terrell yarbrough
DOC #a396299

Categories: poems, Terrell Yarbrough

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  1. I laugh when i think about the fact that you threw your whole life away over nothing. Was it worth it? Are you having fun in there? Did you learn anything? Was that man’s life worth throwing your own away? I bet you never thought about that stuff before that day, now you have endless time for that to weigh on your feeble debilitated mind.


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