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Age: 02/15/80
Intake/Release dates: 03/25/2013 – 02/13/2043 (parole eligible, etc.)
A little about self: Well,I would say that I’m a young,black,intelligent,humble,and more:), beautiful brother from Middlesex County,Virginia. I’m single and spending a great amount of time these days working on self,striving for knowledge of self,and enjoying every minute of it. I was sentenced to 34 years and 5 months for my 3rd conviction of distribution of cocaine,and a violation for Peace of Good behavior that I didn’t obide by for a certain amount of time(20years). I didn’t make it,so,that’s why the sentence was given. Yeah,tell me about it,right? In Virginia we have to serve 85% of our sentence. Right now Virginia is going through somethings dealing with prison justice reform,and progress has been made already and still in motion. Through prayer, faith,hope,meditation, etc.,we manifest our reality into existence. So,I’ll be home sooner than later:),and too,pray for me. I’m all about “FAMILY” and “FRIENDS” as well,which I have a great support system of,and that I’m blessed,grateful,and thankful for. I have (2) young,handsome sons,one turns 20 and the other turns 7 this year. I stay in their lives as much I can,and that’s forever. I could go on and on and on and on,and I will,but I ask for your ears and eyes if that’s not much of a problem.? Along with following me on inmateblogger.com,you can write me at this information below,as follows…,
Uncommon Reality Allah #1043719
Buckingham Correctional Center
P.O. Box 430
Visit this website to register on my email account, as follows…,
(www.JPay.com)-Uncommon Reality Allah#1043719

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