Daniel Pitman

Introduction Blog, by Daniel Pitman

my name is Daniel Pitman #1091916 im 47 years old i am servig 42 years my address is n.c.c p.o.box 488 burksville va,23922 i am a father that love his kids and a grandfather and its beeb very stressful on me because i wasnt allowing me to grow and take some type of control of my circumstances i was mad at the world but not myself,im on my 18th year and it is very clear the ones that use to love me wasnt strong enough to do this and if i would have spoke up and stop acking like im good so my thought for today is titled understandind you surrounding past persent and future,”if i see the scars and not the abuse i would ask questions if you dont know its all mental and not physical so you have to speak up because it is a differece
to be continued

Daniel Pitman
DOC #1091916

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