Michael Ketcham

by Michael Ketcham

Do you ever wonder why we, as humans, think that we’re civilized? That we are evolved or enlighted? With centuries of evidence at are fingertips I think that we can prove the exact opposite!

We often beat this drum of culturalism & heightened awareness, of being the top species. Touting all of our experiences & accomplishments, yet what are we when you take a deep look into our lives? Into the nature we’ve created for ourselves? When you truly explore & expose human beings & their existence you’ll find that we are not civilized at all!

I would argue that although we are the most technologically advanced living creature on the planet, we are the least sociological, the least aware! How many centuries have we been at war? How often do we waste our intelligence on so much that means nothing? I would go as far as to say that not only are we uncivilized but we have no idea what the concept honestly means!

We fight & kill one another over unproven belief systems, concepts, ideals! we fight & argue over the color of skin, words & thoughts! We kill over political & territorial boundaries! Those we say are beneath us on the evolutionary scale fight & kill to eat & nothing else! What an idea! We’d rather search out & identify our differences instead of our many thousands of relatable aspects! Where does this need to feed hate & fear & envy come from? It seems it comes from the absolute beginning of creation, for those who believe in creation.

Every religion has its creation stories, Adam & Eve begot Cain who killed Able. Ask & Embla gave life to their children who then went on to kill. I’m sure whichever ape evolved into a human(for you Darwinians) killed his brother or sister as well before he stepped from the jungles to become civilized. The point is that since the beginning we have sought blood to spill for one reason or another, why? Are we hardwired for violence? Are we meant to be a species of destroyers? purveyor’s of conquest? Never entirely happy with what we have & always wanting more, especially if it belongs to our neighbor? What do we give to the world? Music? Art? Literature? Just more things to debate & kill over? I’d say that we take so much more than we’ve ever given!

If we take a very serious look at the ‘Laws Of Nature’, meaning how this universe was created & continues to exist in spite of all we do to destroy it, we will see exactly how we should conduct ourselves to best serve life! There is a rythym to it all, without us the world would live full of peace, health & prosperity. If we step outside of the box & start paying attention to who we really are & what we were meant to be, perhaps we can change these things. Though I doubt it. We have been conditioned to believe that the majority has to be right, that the herd knows where to go even though they are walking off a cliff! As much as the Shepard screams in warning, they play follow the leader!

Is there anyone out there who yearns to be different? Anyone who would rather give instead of consuming & wasting? Anyone who trusts & believes in the instincts they have, in the rythym of the tides & moons, of the wind through the trees? Of the rising & setting of the sun? I hope so because it is you who will be our future! Just step outside of the norm, don’t be defined by ‘the box’!

Michael L. Ketcham
DOC #241552

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