Ashondre Speidel

by Ashondre Speidel

hi my name is ashondre speidel im 25 years old born and raised in cleveland ohio. i had a difficult confusing childhood growing up going threw abuse and abandonment. my father was very abusive to me and my mother i went threw alot of trauma i was an innocent kid that didnt know what i was doing so wrong that i was getting punished the way i was. it made me confused i was being abandoned in my own home locked in my room all alone with no one to talk to or play with while my younger sister got all the attention. i was able to sit at the kitchen table to eat with my mom, my sister, or my dad. or even watch tv in the living rom with my family. today its like i dont even know what it feels like to be a kid because i never got to do what normal kids got to do my mom really didnt know how to protect me but she tried, when i got to the age of 10 thats when i almost felt like i was already an adult i was in the streets running from home to home looking for love that i didnt recieve in my home. i started teaching myself how to survive on my own i was in and out of detention homes i didnt have no guidance or no role model thats what made me turn to the streets i grew up blaming my father for all my actions when really i should of been blaming myself today he made me a stronger man because i stood tall on my own and over came all the pain and suffering and today i am able to forgive him and forget there is so much more i can share but im not all that good expressing myself threw paper or email thank you for taking the time to read my story you can reach me threw jpay my inmate # is 670-415 to write me threw mail the address is tci 5701 burnett rd. leavittsberg oh, 44430

Ashondre Speidel
DOC #670-415

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