Asiatic Beauty, by Travis Tucker

I do not have a particular style…my mind posses the same energy & beauty that you see in a child…/
every since I start seeing,thee illusions of a lie i could see from a mile…
my words mean nothing but it’s the energy of the truth I use for moving a crowd/
freedoms the absence of a noose that i inherited because my grandmother was speaking too loud/
the blood of my comrades is sacred you with me then you safer then the president child…/
how many of you right now that can look in the mirror,and honestly say to your son I made the transition from being a nigga…/
I govern my own thoughts,my brain write these songs a thought created a spark/ that transmitted a melody that sinked in my heart…./
what’s living will not stop there’s no heaven or hell either submit to white supremacy or die in a cell/
so naturally I rebelled/
put my life into elements no b.o.b i chose bullets over books I was high as a pelican/
I have no GED no high school diploma still I became doctor that learned patient’s to pull niggers out of a coma/
break down bible versus for my queen she could smell the arouma/
that the arc was my phalisis that stored the dna that i placed in her waters/
in the original people in essence was the sons of noah/
she just smilled said I got a real special persona/
the children mind is a field so I plant the good seed as if I am farmer/
and it’s not just chromosomes god that make you a father/
my thoughts orgasim from speeches that give birth to tommorow/
these sacrifices and commitment probably make me a matyer/
if you ain’t talking bout commas in this capitalistic world you are truly a goner/
loyalty a lost art we sell our souls for a dollar/
tomato tamata degrade our women then subject them to collars/
no images of Obama I was deeply submerged in the drama/
Russian aks spitting streets felt like a sauna temple number 7 was my body I related more to Fard Muhammad/I search for god I didn’t see him,so I looked at my flesh/
What did you see?Beauty in the form of my breath i hear the universe beat in the heart of my cheast keshawna morris a queen give me freedom or death/listen this how i think when it come to word slave it was never known in africa and neither was kanye/
was robbed from a choice then subjugated to harsh chains the church sanctioned slavery they hung us gods name!!!sentenced over a Bible that say thou shall not kill/handed a death sentence just got tortured on Greensville…last e-mail,tell kahlani burry me in the blue Nile in Ethiopia this is my pre will…..R.T.G.E/A.B.R mind’s!My autobiography on the way,epic truth that should be a movie,maybe the greatest of all time,My experiences from the street,First encounter with racism and hate on a level 6 prison at wallens ridge and how it affected my mind,the real depths of prison life you couldn’t see on a screen….The psychological effect’s!The certificates I’ve been honored with acknowledging my transformation to a beam of light,and all the people I raised from the dead and touched… This is more then a book,this more then me…This is the world history, it’s our history unfiltered like it or not,we have to deal with this pain to get to the love…Thanks for keeping up with me,I continue to grow…for the man who sees the world the same as he did 20 years ago,has wasted 20 years of his life…(The remains of pain)….Coming soon!I may need some help Lol..hit me on j-pay,Peace

Travis s Tucker #1091722
Nottoway correction facility
p.o box 488
burksville va,239

Categories: poems, Travis Tucker

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