Juzt ChNge, by David S. Cauthen Jr.

Jailhouse Lawyer Speaks, Cor.,CA.

What is it about the integrity of a man, who has changed for the good, that is so god dammed threatening to those who claim to be hopeful of change?

Is it the intensity of the consistency, made known by the marks of human history, to untangle the chains of mental slaves.
There’s been this recent drive over the last fifty years to say incarceration is modern slavery, but in the land of america we all god dammed slaves.

Check points at every stop light, and curfews inside the hood. The gestopo and garrison control populations using urban city criminal gang networks of the teenage ninja turtle youths.
Who needs gun control when birth control is sprayed over experimental drugs. Legalize the use of cannabis sativa but don’t make known of it as a performance enhancement drug. Get caught crossing county lines and be considered an across the lines criminal trafficking drugs.

Like they didn’t learn from Noriega and cocaine cartels. Secrete deals with Navy seals but no crack sales with the Government.
Please stop teenage vaping, youth deaths are at an all time high. While there is an abortion clinic option on the menu of every fast food restaurant. Let’s change the polls by an eye in the sky.

All the noise of impeaching Donald Trump, well you got him impeached what’s next. All the talk about racial immigration, but nobody took Bianca out of six. Trumps wife is a dam immigrant? Last time I checked Arnold Swarzanagger is too? WhTs the difference between them and us?
Nothing besides the fact we refuse to seperate from letting an alien race represent us.

American democracy! This is social hypocrisy. The youth are imprisoned and sentenced to death under the American philosophy.
No forgiveness for the weary, just condemnation and two face relations for the fallen souls of humanity.
To what point is beyond forgiveness, should I forgive everybody for everything? I understand that every person of so-called African origen in america doesn’t have a descent of slave inheritance, but what about WE who do.
Is forgiveness to just forget about it, and come anew and give our ancestors slave masters a brand new hand?

Prison reform is a bunch of crap, how you gone reform torture. Organ donors and experimental lab rats are all we are to you sick mothafuckers.
Bernie Sanders ain’t no savior either we better off at the american tea party. At least a man can have the rights over his seminal fluids, in the event the womb man choose to get crazy. Her choice is no choice but she still want his oil. And don’t get us started about these manish White female correctional officer leaving defenseless Asiatic prisoners under the influence of their moonlite spells. Witchcraft of america in CDCR perpetrated by representatives of the Catholic church. Joyce Meyer write the playbook on Christian hustles and H.E.R Disciples follow the way.

The entire point of this entire narrative is to say we have to be optimistic but not to hopeful that the devil will ask for forgiveness. Least we have no one to blame our sorrows on and Adolf Hitler become a just man.
And white supremacist Dillon, who murdered all those Black Jews in church down yonder of the old Carolina. Well maybe if there was more pistol packing preachers, like the men of Texas we’d had protection of our constitutional rights.
A little separation between church and state never hurt nobody, but when in church let alone with the state. Minors are old enough to face death row, but not old enough to fight for our estate. They cant bare arms and serve a tour of war, nor mortgage a payment on a home. They can’t represent them self in the court of law, whether they are foster kids or group home.
If we gone change than Just change don’t come singing sweet songs of we shall over come, because its unjust to sell false hope but expect a people to embrace freedom.

Spoken wisely by a supreme master builder, M.K.G Supreme
Father of NGE,Carthage- F.O.I

David S. Cauthen
Satf- Cor
P.o. Box 5242
Corcoran Ca. 93216

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