Richard Calkins

Introduction Blog, by Richard calkins

My name is Richard Calkins I’m 28 years old. I’m from Vacaville California that’s between Sacramento and the bay area. I’m Mexican and white. I’m doing life in prison for 2nd degree murder and attempted murder. my parole date is 2033 I’m a youth offender so this gives me a chance to one day come home. this was not a gang case. this was a tragedy that affected all I’m not a cold blooded murder, I took some mushrooms the kind that cause you to see hallucinate , I blacked out and killed to close friends and shot third. I will be’talking more about this in my blogs over time this is still a hard subject so I’ll do steps..
I’m in collage studyin business . I do native American beading for a big pass time . I put my beads on line and also to fellow prisoners. I love beading and learning new things. I love to teach and learn about new cultures and and ways of life I love knowledge and learning all kinds hobbies.I look forward to your services thank you very much.
my contact information is

Richard calkins
CDC #AW4131
C-SAT-F D1-142 low
P.O.Box 5242
Corcaran CA. 93212

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