Keith Bond Jr.

Feelings, by Keith Bond Jr.

Author: The Painter

Im floating with no thoughts of foul play, for days I been swimming in the stars of life. She created a heart from a soul of dark. Since pain brought me a spark only to ignite the fuel from being misused. The change she gave me feels me, that my puporse holds a meaning. I thoughht I can only dream. The passion I see is tense for a release. When I see her picture , or listen to her laugh. Allow me to be a father I never had as I become the man in her path. I can never bring unnecessary trouble. Wanting to hold her or rub her tummy. She is a full feast I wish to munch. The honest way for me is the reality I know we will be. Hopefully she kno I want nonthin more in this life accept my family , our family, Only the family. The loyalty , the trust, the love is everything a man like me knew nonthin of , but to feel all. Is an amazing way for me embrace it all. Love always been hard , but the way yu conquer me. Only uplift the best part of me I never thought exist. YU are imprinted on my heart to my lips as yu DRIP DRIP. The existance of my future will be lost if yu didnt give it the bliss of fresh water. I love yu an want yu to know when yu are in your feelings Im always in mine.


DOC #537-103

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