James Ward

Disappointments, by James Ward

Everyday, I hope to hear from people to lift my spirits up and give some type of encouragement, to get in contact with me and build friendships. But my days are filled with discouragement from lack of peoples understanding of the importance of outside human contact. People on the outside lack to see what us prisoners go thru daily when we try reaching out, only to get ignored, judged, turned down, etc. It destroys us on the inside, making us feel hopeless and left out, like as if we don’t exist.

I have a Facebook page called Free James Ward that has nearly 100 followers. But I’ve been feeling that its only been a waste of time, because no matter all of my attempts to get people to reach out for support or friendship…I get nothing (nobody reaches out to me, sends comments nor messages). The few real friends I have try to be there and help as much as they can.

My project I’m working on called DecarcerateUS. I have been trying my hardest to get people involved that really want to help make changes for us on the inside, but I get nothing. Many people say their activist, prison abolitionist and so on, but I haven’t seen much of it. I’m discouraged beyond belief that I’ma ever find the people to build the right team to work together – I feel like giving up.

So if you do wish to reach out, I hope that its in hopes to really make changes in life.

James Ward
DOC #a517461

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