Marvin Burrage



I would set around and think about all this man has done to me and I would think what was this man thinking,he too k us downtown in Cleveland and in the 70 ‘s at night Cleveland would look good at night,well anyway he told me to take my clothes off and run down the street until I see the car pull over,so here I am running down the street in my underwear, I might of been 11 or 12 years old,,,,,he got use all together area days before Christmas took us to the mall in maple hgts told us to pick out what we wanted we had two carts full of toys,he then put a long recipient on the cart and had us push it out the store,the manager came up to him and said Mr Smith is everything,all rghtand walked away,well on Christmas we didn’t get to play with none of the toys only the girls.,,I learned to steal cars,so one day me and two of my friends in Milwaukee stole a car a decided to drive to Cleveland, well we made it there and I called my brother Craig and told him I was coming to get him but when we got there Gene was there and asked who’s car that was I told him I stole it for him he told me to take it to his brother Archie house well on the way there the police pulled me over and said he had a report about a stolen car,so we went to jail,there mom and dad came down to get them,I was released the next day and went to Gene house,me Craig and David ,had fun together David was the man back then,this was when Miami VISE was on TV and everybody would be wearing dark glasses and those suit jacket,and when it was getting ready to come on everybody was in front of the TV,my brother David was the smooth one,but Gene was always there to take that smile off your face,me and Craig asked Gene if we could go to a movie,well on the way I told Craig I know how to steal cars so we went back home and got a screwdriver to steal the car,we rode around all night and about midnight we decided to go home we parked the car two blocks away got in the house wasn’t nobody up we thought Gene was gone so we started to sneak and eat something and when we did Gene came out of nowhere,sacred the shit out of me,he said why are you all just getting home we said we got some size 14 tires for you he said go get them we went out came back and agent to sleep, the next day we told him they was gone by the time we got back to them,,we stole a car the next day and Craig crashed the car doing burn outs in the rain,so we ran home to change clothes and Gene caught us and wanted to know why we was changing clothes we told him we meet some girls and was going to the movie, there was a lot of police area blocks away and Gene wanted to know what was going on,we told him we didn’t know,so he called the police and told them he think we had something to do with it,that’s the night everything changed with me,the police was asking me all kinds of question, I heard Gene say I was nothing to him,I said you are my stepfather he said he wasn’t shit to me and he and my moms was never married,he fucked me up with that statement,you ain’t no kind to me I ain’t your stepfather,, so he made me and Craig sleep together that night,,,,I told Craig I was leaving for Milwaukee in the morning and he better be ready,he said he would be in front of the school at 9 am,the next morning Gene said he was going downtown for something,as soon as the car went down the street I ran into his bedroom looking for some money I found a hundred dollars,I called the bus station they said the next bus leaving in an hour,I looked for Craig and couldn’t find him,so I went to the cab company and walked right into the office,the man said how you get in here I said I just walked in,he said how did you get pass those dogs I looked out the window and there was two rocwelers out there,I told him I needed to get to the bus station before my bus leave,he was still wandering how I walked pass them dogs,the dogs don’t sacre me,Gene sacred me,so I got in the car and he hit the highway we going so fast we passed Gene on the way,I got there just in time for my bus,I got to Milwaukee about 8 pm I called Craig I told him I looked for him,then Gene got on the phone and said he was going to whip me when he come up there for taking his money,for the first time I spoke up and said fuck you,you ain’t no kin to me and if you come up here I am going to get a gun and kill your ass,I was shaking so bad and I was praying he never came up there..I was always looking over my back,anytime there was some kind of danger I would always hear somebody call my name very softly..

DOC #A256209

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