Cameron Parry

Bitter Man, by Cameron Parry

Have you ever done so much for people! Just to turn around to get stabbed in the back?
Have you ever gave some one the shirt off you back when they needed one? Then one day your walking around with one shoe on, no shirt on you back! just to see the person you gave it to, your own shirt! you took off your back and gave it to that one day they needed it! When they see you, they turn there back on you and walk back into the clothing store that they own? Now how ironic is that!
It’s hard for people out there to know the struggle of an everyday life in a 23 and 1 lock down facility!
Your a heartless man, is what they say! HAHAHAHA I laugh in there face and tell them I’m Konvicted and I’ve always been heartless, but your the one’s who’ve made me a bitter man!
I wonder if there’s a way to undo my bitterness, like Scrooge and the Ghosts of Christmas past?
I wonder if I’m just lacking companionship? Someone to build with and identity with? That has me stuck in my mind!

Cameron Parry #729-326
P.o.Box 45699
Lucasville, OH, 45699

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