Aaron Austin

New Understanding, by Aaron Austin

Hello to all readers that are trapped inside during this corona pandemic.I remember how i maneuvered throughout the day six years ago when I was fresh inside prison.I was impulsive didn’t know how or what to think.Just protect my mentality,property,and what little shred of dignity I have.I just reacted 2 however whomever treated me.If someone chose to respond good or bad the female communication was welcomed. All the lies made me really realize who was toxic in my life.
Next Year when I am returned to society I will have paid my full debt to society that the justice system seen fit.Then there will be no deveiating from me staying out away from the criminalistic way of thinking.I can be an asset instead of a liability or a bill.The complacent attitude about gods gifts given to my family and me no longer resides in me.I appreciate y’all so much more and value our relationship immensely.Everyone that is practicing social distancing now isolated for the first time.Remember this is how your incarcerated loved ones feel every single day.Send a pic or a letter let them know you are well & thinking of us.Now we have no visits and can only pray that the last time we seen our loved ones really isn’t the last time.I pray for everyone incarcerated and isolated in the world.This situation is critical out there and I feel for those sick in the world.

Aaron Austin #711-099
S.O.C.F Po box 45699
Leavittsburg,OH 45699

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