Baby Girl, by Michael Price

On this date March 24th 1999 a princess was born and I became the proudest father on this planet. Here it is 21 years later and I could not be any more prouder. You have grown into this beautiful, smart, and independent woman and I just can’t wait to see what you will offer this world because I already have the best seat in the house to see that you are going to do great things and I thank you for letting come along form the ride. Baby Girl you are the reason that I breath and the one true gift that has never stop giving so today and forever more I pray that all is given to you and that you have a blessed day. Happy Birthday Baby Girl and I Love You Aniya Paige Cunningham!


Michael Price #411-359
POBox 57 M.C.I.
Marion, Ohio 43302

Categories: family, Michael Price

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