Jakob Helleis

Most Friendship Is Feigning,Most Loving Mere Folly (A Poem), by Jakob Helleis

(Blow,blow,thou winter wind – Shakespeare)

I remember at the frozen foot
Of that mountain peaking like home sickness
We played in the snow covered field.

Some kids stayed,some ran away to be caught
Like the few trees broke the chilly breeze.
There’s not too many places to hide in cold Provo.

The winter there kept one kid alive.
Wrists slit,jumped from the window where
A snow covered bush saved his life.

On her way to the laundry room,
The laundry lady heard a hurt moaning
Behind that bush,called 911.

Most of Provo Canyon School was of
Hard knocks.California contributed
Quite a few malleable gangbangers.

The rest were kids from all over the country.
Given up on by their family,community,sent down
The street from Park City as a last resort.

Personal growth of us all,staff included
Was like leaves that had froze on the frozen grass.
Spring would defrost our lost hopes

And go along gleefully,making new mistakes.
Boughs,branches,twigs snap as a heart breaks
As the winter wind whorls into a warm zepher.

Jakob Helleis
DOC #AA-1134

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