Tyreis Friend

Loved One, by Tyreis Friend

Let me tell you how a loved one, loved many as if they only loved one. They’ve shoved tons of hatred beyond away from, straight to a location placed at, “Nah, you can’t come.” While they debate on baiting the basics into something they ain’t been. Their state pen inks to make statements that may stint from the hate that weighed in. Though it found a way out, their inner thoughts remained outspoken. How potent can one’s social be when it’s known to leave a crowd of mouths open? Closed off to cold thoughts that froze over from the lack of attention but in all actuality they were never attentive. I am vintage with my wits sense. Taking full advantage of a love that seems to vanish from sight like a magician’s performance on a staggering night. Yet and still they perform. As a mirror is drawn from a hat like a weapon attack with reflections posing as guns. Revealing a truth of the self from a youth that the loved one was the only one who loved.

Tyreis Friend
DOC #453-975

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