George Pardo

chapter -3…the journey of a bad convict gone good, by GEORGE PARDO

so my life after my first arrest started a new journey that just hasnt end.some say i have nine lives like a cat.cause i have been shot at. stabed twice. jumped out of a third floor window three times.hit by a car,bus,van,on three diffrent occacians.this is not counting all the big fights brawls, bullets that missed me. now that i am 48 years of age..WOW i can look back and thanks god for this present day given me one more chance.healthy.clean.full of,new plans an goals..but this time i got a purpose.potentials to do gods will. being in recovery service while inhere this time..which i done it alot before.this time is my rock tierd. I want to be a Doer, cause ive been helped alot. and this time i felt it. and put my heart an plenty of tears into it. this time im only doing twelve years,been through alot. very hard times.left alone,no help,tough love from all my family..not because they forgot about me,but because they want me to finally more.this is just alittle part of my life. now the new chapter starts once i get out next so curious..ready. for what to expect me.I hope to find a quick sponsor.a church.a mentor,and a great spiritual support group. and all the addvice an guidance im will ing to acept.,,,this is just a quick brief of my story..more to come soon..i need more help IN Telling my story/thank you

DOC #584223

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