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Hey inmateblogger.com,
My name is Rico Comer, I’m a 40 year old man incarcerated in Ohio. I have been in prison since March 12, 2005 and my release date is December 29, 2028. I served the first twelve years of my incarceration in the Indiana dept. of corrections and transferred to Ohio in 2017 to serve the sentence that I have here in Ohio. I am a father to four girls, my youngest is fourteen, she was born six months after I was incarcerrated, and one son who was killed in 2015 at the age of 19.
I am currently a student in Ashland University’s advanced education program, working towards a degree in business administration, during my incarceration I have earned a master barbers liscence, became a member of toastmasters, and earned a certifercate in graphic printing, plate making and work in a dark room. I’m also an aspiring author. I hate to limit myself to one genre of writing, as I go wherever my mind and pen may take me, however, in turning my personal experiences into art, and the only way to turn my negatives into a positive, I lean toward urban fiction, always careful to add an element to my work which will separate it from the rest, and hopefully be some sort of therapy to those who might be able to relate.
I’m a person who believes that nothing in life can be accomplished without communication and networking. So I have a great appreciation for http://www.InmateBlogger.com for providing a platform for us to showcase our selves, our concerns and our talents, in hopes that we may become a part of something great.
Currently I am working on three manuscripts. In my next entry I will share with you exactly how I came to the point where I was working on three manuscripts at the same time, then I will share excerpts from them, beginning with the latest and the one I hold closest to my heart which is loosely based on myself and my late son Qur’an. I hope you will follow and enjoy, and provide feedback and critisizms which will encourage me to continue and do better where I my be lacking.

Rico D. Comer #732167
Toledo Ohio Corr. Institution
2001 E. Central Ave.
Toledo, Ohio. 43608

I can also be contacted at j pay.com

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