Bobby Irelan

Idolatry, by Bobby Irelan

.. I just wanted to be with you for a little bit, while I am just sitting here watching american idol.. I like this show a lot.. I know you’re to cool to get teared up, but I tear up more times than I can count.. believe me, all my tough hard cool days are long behind me.. I mean, obviously , well does it really need to be said that if a situation arrives I am fully equipped to be as tough or hard as the moment calls for– but if I have it my way, I will never have to turn those gears on again.. but anyway, yah, tearing up over talent and real ppl expressing the center of their color wheel.. How has the universe made such an organism that is a living musical instrument, that can choose to color the same universe with the palette of their own bewilderment with endless gravity and just having to breathe air to paint their weaknesses and strengths on this canvas that is covered with so many contrasted careless colorings– and their nature only allows them to paint beauty because of their fate.. it is all much bigger than it appears, being human.. and so too the need for ugly to contrast the beauty.. so too for how much is overlooked, undervalued, lost in translation.
yah, all this from watching some kids singing for their lives.. I guess there’s a lot in a tear for me.. even though, it could just be a little girl wearing her dads sunglasses at night.. but maybe that’s a trigger heh how many of us got them (floating cartoon song notes)

Bobby Irelan
DOC #F-59719

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