Dominique Dyer

by Dominique Dyer

Alot of people talk about what there going t do and how much they care or love you and then dissapear or just don’t do what they said that they were going to do. We are treated so bad in hear everyday as if we are not human but thats not the case I am a human a grown man and at times it does get extreamly hard but I just pray to god that it will all get better soon as the days goes on and my time gets shorter I do have faith that everything will be ok. I appreciate the hard time because I kno it will make me stronger in the long run life is what you make it and now that I’m on the right path all I want to do is the right thing I just got my GED now I’m looking forward to going to college especially now since I got my level droped. I’m so motivated right now I fill as if I have my whole future ahead of me and that its very bright I will be a voice for those who don’t believe I will motivate others to push there self and strive to reach there highest potential because you only have one life and you can do anything you put your mind to. Have a wonderful blessed day thankyou for listening.

Dominique Dyer #748-069
P.O Box 56
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

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