by Cody Besch

Some say people don’t change, and for some it’s true. That’s not true for everyone though. I was thinking if I could have a wish for anything I’d ask for a chance to go back to a younger age and do some things different with the knowledge I have now. It’s funny to me because I’ve heard a few people say the exact same thing. Through my experiences I’ve learned a lot, lost a lot, and have done a lot. Some things I would change but at the same time I’m glad these things have happened to me because they have really shown me the dark side of the world. The truths that are hidden out there would blow peoples minds, but it would be nice to be one of those oblivious and simple people. To be considered one of those “normal” people. Hardships and heartaches have caused me misery, yet I can say I made those choices and have also experienced good times and had fun at moments. But I wish I could take some of it back. I personally have changed a considerable amount in my life like my character, things I do, the way I act, and I will make better choices from now on. That’s all I can do because we’re not given a chance to go back. Don’t give up on people though, at least not until you have to. And always consider what they may have gone or are going through.

Cody Besch
DOC #1771920

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