Travis Smith


The Suicide Gallery : Travis and Sara vs. the Freckled one

I want to say hi to my space girls , NASA Astronauts Christina Kock and Jessica Meir… Wish I was there ; I have a request for Christina Kock : Please turn the camera toward the stars… The Earth is beautiful from space , but you guys never show us the stars , I’m beginning to doubt their existence. I think what we see from here are nothing but an elaborate projection of pin points of artificial light. I remember before coming to prison , I went out at night using my new astronomical binoculars which had a built in gyroscope. I swept the dark sky feeling thrilled as I realized there were stars now appearing that had not been illuminated by the naked eye. I saw a green globular cluster in the west , and also discovered another site directly overhead. Prior to this night , I would merely see a tiny triangle of white stars. But when I peered through my new device a majestical scean of about fifty blue glittering diamonds materialized. These were young blue giants furiously fusing hydrogen into helium and other heavier elements. They were encompassed by a blue haze of star dust. I could actually detect the three dimensionality of spacetime seeing where one star was further or closer than another. I felt like I had transcended the earth’s horizon and been brought out of its confines into the sublime depths of deep space away from the comfort of its safety. But the dark beauty of this alien dreamscape enthralled me and I let my mind go and be pulled in and engulfed by its enticing ineffable effluence. For one indescribable moment I floated among these distant hostile and mystical monsters. I yearn to go back but my present circumstances prevent this. At least when I was at Allen prison I could go out at night and locate the triangle , but where I am now it is impossible. The light pollution and restricted time out simply does not allow it. It is most regrettable.

Sara : Did you hear about the priest , the preacher , the rabbi and the freckled one
Travis : no
Sara : Neither did I , I was hoping you heard
Travis : I got a different joke though. These other inmates here in prison with me all think that these female employees want them. You should here the comments they make when passing them by. ” Man , she is checking me out. I’m not kidding. I know if we were alone she’d be all over me.” Its hard sometimes Sara , because I’m looking over at them and see reality. The thing that really annoys me is when they make rude unnecessary remarks. These guys are crude immature assholes and point out the slightest flaw or invent one. The woman may be slightly over weight or have some insignificant feature that barely is noticeable and they will call out a insult as she passes by and I know it must affect some and make them feel bad. I want to look over at them and say what are you talking about? You look like a fucking deformed goblin who just crawled out of its grave. If this woman glances at you and smiles and says hi you should get down on your knees and thank every conceivable god in the thing universe. I’ve felt bad for some of these women.
I’ve never been deluded about my looks. I know if a woman looks at me , regardless of what she looks like , and shows any kindness to me , I’m grateful. A woman should be able to walk around without being subjected to the comments and thoughts of half witted dumb dolts that have no business or place belittling another soul.
Sara : Amen to that brother. I wanted to say I saw that the self righteous parole board pigs denied your request to have your Auglaize county sentence fixed to how it should be. And I thought about President Trump. I wondered if you would have used his strategy if that would have helped. Did you think about doing that Travis , stating ” I didn’t do nothing wrong , because I’m like totally a genius so whatever I do is okay and people accept that and continue to let me hold the highest power position in the U.S. – I can grab a woman’s vagina without her permission , I can shoot someone down dead and it would be okay , I can bribe law makers and pay off strippers to keep their mouth shut about the elicit sex and depraved parties , I can tear innocent children from their parents arms and throw them in prison cells without medical care causing their death at age 7 , I can withhold hundreds of millions of dollars of aid to a country and extort them for political favors in order to dig up dirt on opponents… So if I can do all of this and it okay , robbing a bank is no big deal , right? I’m like , totally not a fucking moron – Rex Tillerson was just wrong , right ? I don’t , like talk like a teenage girl , like , totally right?
Travis : Like , totally , man. But alas , these narrow minded parole pigs are fascist too. These are the core supporters of Trump and his far right racist policies. These are the same people who get their kicks doling out news to inmates who are dying from cancer or whatever that they are denying their request to die at home , unless they are in prison for rape or murder. But those are the people who were let out early. I’m not kidding. Do some research. These sex offenders are let out and keep reoffending , escalating the level of depravity each time until someone is horribly sexually assaulted and killed. Here is a idea of Ohio’s philosophy on sex crimes ; Paul Meisner received 17 years for facilitating child porn involving a five month old baby…I received thirty years for one robbery in Auglaize county Ohio. The man who murdered and raped Jessica Keen had multiple prior convictions for sexual assault and abduction , yet the parole board kept letting him out. And then he did god knows how many crimes. He did offer Keen a ride and then took her out in the dark countryside and chased her down and committed his heinous crime.

Travis Smith
DOC #529433

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