Eyba Brown

MAMBA 4 LIFE, by Eyba “Prime Time” Brown

I was sleep when breaking news hit America. I’d just given a potna a draft of a Black-ish episode I’d written, and when I was waken. I thought I was going to get a critic that would help me get closer to a final copy, but what I was told changed my immediate sense of relevance . He told me that my boy had died, and as the fog of dreamland evaporated, and sudden sadness hit me. Kobe was my favorite, I was one year older than Kobe and the mindset he had, was the same as my own. That killer instinct, was a mentality that helped me prosper in sports and in almost every clutch situation in llife. Even though I went to prison that mentality helped me survive this prison experience on so many occassions. That mamba mentality will help me win this battle for my freedom, and once home it will continue to propel me to a level of greatness. The mamba mentality will continue to motivate and inspire people for years to come. Mamba is gone but not forgotten. Mamba 4 Life!!!

Eyba Brown
DOC #397750

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